Wicklow Day Tour

Experience the natural beauty of Wicklow, fondly referred to as the 'Garden of Ireland'. Immerse yourself in its breathtaking landscapes, including majestic mountains, lush glens, and enchanting waterfalls, that make this area renowned for its picturesque scenery.

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Total tour price is 600 euro plus booking fees for up to 6 guests, the price is per vehicle, not per person. Admission fees and meals are not included in the tour price. A tour can be extended beyond the standard 8 hours at an hourly rate.


Sedan, Mercedes MPV.

Trip Advisor Review: New Jersey gals and Michael Fox. Trip Advisor Michael Fox took us on two tours, one up to New Grange and the other south to the Wicklow mountains. Inside Four Knocks I drummed with other people which was a great experience. Walking the Hills of Tara and also seeing Brigid's Castle was magical, too. The best for me was visiting my namesake, Sheela Na Gig, the main reason for my return to Ireland. Boyne Valley Tours a must...... Original Trip Advisor Review.