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SedanPrivate Day Tours to Newgrange (Bru na Boinne) stone age passage tomb a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Celtic Royal site on the Hill of Tara, Monasterboice round tower and Celtic high crosses, the 12th century Cistercian Abbey at Bective and Trim Castle the largest Anglo Norman Castle in Ireland. Personalised service with collection at your hotel or cruise ship from Dublin and surrounding areas.

Trip AdvisorPrivate day tours in a Skoda Superb for up to three passengers or Mercedes Minivan for up to seven passengers.


Total tour price is 475 euro for up to 7 guests, the price is per vehicle, not per person. Admission fees and meals are not included in the tour price. A tour can be extended beyond the standard 8 hours at the hourly rate of 60 euro.

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Cruise Ship Shore Excursion

Private Boyne Valley Day Tours to Newgrange (Bru na Boinne) and the Boyne Valley direct from Dublin Port Cruise Ship Terminal. Private transport in a Skoda Superb Sedan for up to three passengers or Mercedes Minivan for up to seven passengers.  More ...

Trip Advisor My husband and I immensely enjoyed our last day in Ireland touring the Boyne Valley with Michael Fox. Michael’s love for and knowledge of the area impressed us. He is a great listener, and was very attentive to our interests. He even took little detours such as a short drive to a view of the Boyne River to help us better understand what he told us. We arrived at our most anticipated stop, Newgrange, just as they opened and were in the first tour of the day, what an incredible experience. After Newgrange, Michael continued to fill our day with many other interesting experiences, enhanced by his knowledge of the places we visited. Throughout the day, we were able to move at our own pace; never feeling rushed - David, Hawaii, USA. More ...

When I say this is the best tour I've been on, I mean it and I've been on safaris, Harley excursions, and been on trips around the world. If you go to Ireland you have to try and get Michael to show you around if he is available! You will definitely have the best tourist guide in Ireland - Tom, Texas, USA. More ...

Michael made our day in the Boyne Valley extra special. It was just like if you knew someone personally who was knowledgeable and lived in the area and they offered to spend the day showing you the sights. Michael was easy to talk to and there were never any awkward silences. I felt like we knew Michael as an old friend.  More ...

We had just one day to see the sights in Boyne Valley and chose Boyne Valley Tours. Although we had a few must-sees on our list we were open to suggestions and Michael had wonderful recommendations based on our interests. Michael was extremely knowledgeable about the entire area and took us to see sites we never would have known about or been able to find otherwise. All in all, it is a perfect way to see the Boyne Valley and customize your tour however you want to. I highly recommend Boyne Valley Tours!  Top Contributor, Arizona, USA.  More ...

Boyne Valley Map
1.  Brú na Bóinne - UNESCO World Heritage Passage Tombs at Newgrange, Knowth & Dowth)
2.  Hill of Tara – Seat of the Celtic Kings of Ireland.
3.  Trim Castle - the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland.
4.  Loughcrew- cluster of Megalithic Tombs on the Carnbane East Hill.
5.  Kells - Celtic Crosses, Round Tower, St. Columbkille's House.
6.  Mellifont Abbey - Cistercian Abbey founded in 1142.
7.  Monasterboice - Early Christian site with round tower and 10th century high crosses.
8.  Battle of the Boyne - the site of the 1690 battle between King James and King William.

Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara in the Boyne Valley is ceremonial site associated with kingship rituals. From the time of the first Gaelic influence until the Norman invasion in the 12th Century, the Hill of Tara was Ireland's political and spiritual capital. The King of Tara represented a very old ideal of sacred kingship in Ireland, imbued with mythical aura. Many Kings of Tara were also High Kings of Ireland.   More ...


Newgrange is a Stone Age passage tomb built 5,200 years ago which makes it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. The passage and chamber at Newgrange are aligned with the rising sun on the mornings around the Winter Solstice.


Knowth is a Stone Age Passage Tomb in the Boyne Valley and with Newgrange and Dowth makes up the Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Dowth - part of the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site. The passage and chamber at Dowth are aligned to the setting sun on the evenings around the Winter Solstice.


Fourknocks is a passage tomb on a smaller scale to Newgrange, however it is a much more intimate site. There is no visitors centre and seldom anyone else around to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Spend as long as you want inside the chamber, studying the wonderful megalithic art or in quite meditation.  More ...


Guided tour of the 5000 year old Cairns dotted on the hills around Loughcrew. See the stone age symbols carved on the backstone of Cairn T which is illuminated by the rising sun at the equinoxes (March and September).  More ...

Battle of the Boyne

The Battle of the Boyne was fought in 1690 between the Catholic James II and the Protestant William III, who had overthrown James as king of England in 1688. The battle took place across the River Boyne at Oldbridge and resulted in a victory for William. This turned the tide in James's attempt to regain the British crown and ultimately ensured the continuation of Protestant ascendancy in Ireland.

Hill of Slane

Hill of Slane - The burial place of king Sláine in Irish mythology, St. Patrick is said to have lit the first paschal fire on the hill.


Monasterboice - a Christian settlement founded in the 5th century. See the two churches built in the 14th century, an earlier round tower and the 10th century high crosses. Open all year.

Mellifont Abbey

Mellifont Abbey was the first Cistercian monastery in Ireland, founded in 1142 by Saint Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh.

Duleek Abbey

Duleek Abbey - one of the great churches of the 12th century, St Mary's Abbey, was built by the Augustinians on lands presented to them by Hugh de Lacy, overlord of the Boyne Valley.

Trim Castle

Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. It was built by Hugh de Lacy who was granted the lands of the Kingdom of Meath by King Henry II of England in 1172.

Bective Abbey

Bective Abbey on the banks of the River Boyne was a Cistercian abbey founded in 1147 by Murchard O’Melaghlin, King of Meath as a 'daughter house' of Mellifont Abbey.


Kells or Ceanannas Mór in Irish meaning 'Great Fort' was a Celtic Royal residence before St. Columcille founded a monastery in the 6th Century. The monks from his community on island of Iona of the west coast of Scotland moved to Kells in the 9th century to escape savage Viking raids. The Iona monks brought with them the now famous Book of Kells which may have been completed in Kells.

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